Editorial Reviews. Review. Susan Wiggs Irresistible and passionate a truly winning debut novel. About the Author. Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times. In her exhilarating debut novel, Kresley Cole captures the drama, passion, and boundless adventure of the high seas — as one fiery lass finds herself caught in a . Read The Captain of All Pleasures by Kresley Cole by Kresley Cole by Kresley Cole for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and.

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In her exhilarating debut novel, Kresley Cole captures the drama, zll, and boundless adventure of the high seas — as one fiery lass finds herself caught in a tide of torrid romance. Raised as a free spirit aboard her American sea captain father’s majestic clipper ship, willful Nicole Lassiter has never encountered an obstacle she couldn’t overcome — until she meets Captain Derek Sutherland.

His sizzling kisses leave her longing, but after they share a night of passion, his subsequent disdain makes her blood boil. Nicole vows to take her revenge — by helping her father beat Sutherland in a high-stakes competition: Nicole’s scheme is thrown overboard after her father is wrongly imprisoned, yet she remains undaunted — taking to the high seas with her father’s ship. But a storm wrecks her plans, and she finds herself a virtual prisoner aboard Sutherland’s vessel.

And while her mind tells her she should escape, her body urges her to surrender Her books have been translated into over twenty foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists in the US and abroad. Before becoming a writer, Cole was a world-ranked colw, coach, and graduate student. She has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings.

You pleasurs learn more about her and her work at KresleyCole. Get our latest book recommendations, author plexsures, and competitions right to your krssley. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of useand the transfer of tne personal data to the United States, where the privacy laws may be different than those in my country of residence.

Tell us what you like, capain we can send you books you’ll love. Join our mailing list! Price may vary by retailer. Chapter 1 London, Nicole Lassiter’s first tingle of alarm came the moment she stepped inside the squalid tap house and its fetid warmth rushed over her face. Silence blanketed the den as the patrons inside took her measure, sensing she was out of place in the prostitute-laden tavern. She hadn’t dressed to attract notice. She wore boys’ pants and a shirt under an unadorned cloak.

A hat covered most of the bright hair she’d prodded under it. Her pleasuures shuddered out. She was here on a mission to find Captain Jason Lassiter, Nicole reminded herself. And now that she’d arrived alone, she would merely have to do her best not to get killed. With an captian chin and an offhand gaze, she plowed through the throngs of roughnecks peopling the tavern.


The tinny music from a badly tuned fiddle at last resumed.

The Captain of All Pleasures: Kresley Cole: : Books

Obviously, the information she’d received pertaining to Lassiter’s whereabouts was mistaken; her father would never come to a place like this, a place pleassures sailors found “company” before they shipped out. When a deckhand had told Nicole where her father was, she’d assumed the Mermaid had gone under new, less nefarious management since she’d been away.

This was certainly not the case. One last sweep over the place, and then she could go back and throttle the deckhand for his prank. One last — Her father was here. With a heavily painted light-skirts hanging all over him. At least, part of her hung over him. Breasts like two hemispheres of a globe perched on the tight line xll her bodice, threatening to free themselves with each of her throaty laughs.

And Lord help her, Nicole thought as her face screwed up in shrinking expectation, the woman laughed a lot. Nicole marched toward him through a gauntlet of human cile, gin-spiked breath, and loose, unlaced bodies. At the sight alo her, her father’s jaw dropped and then snapped closed, bulging at the sides. Jason Lassiter pleasjres a fearsome-looking man when angered. His eyes became wild and his face flushed to match his red beard and hair.

That she hadn’t forgotten. But she had minimized how angry he would be when she’d decided to come here tonight. There was no choice. She was running out of time.

She proceeded with a pained, set smile until she stood before him. Rolling her eyes, Nicole retorted, “Just what in the hell are you doing here? Nicole wrinkled her nose at the dented and grimy container.

He looked in it, frowned, then placed it well away from him. It happens that he’s connected with that woman.

It lasted only seconds before she became serious at the mention of sabotage. Sailing in these times was perilous enough, with captains setting speed pleasuers and shipbuilders fearlessly pushing new designs.

Masts rigged to snap and rudders set to be lost in the first heavy storm made it deadly. Her father’s shipping line hadn’t been targeted — yet — but he’d decided to take the offensive.

Giving Nicole a nasty look, she began a provocative whispering in his ear. Her father wasn’t sending the woman packing czptain soon, and Nicole wasn’t about to watch their murmured conversation.

Turning from them, she dropped her chin onto the back of her chair and settled in to watch all the British tars and al dressed women while they “mingled. She imagined these sights would only add fodder to her late-night dreams, dreams in which a dark, faceless man Things that she’d seen between pleasuress on the quay.

What would she dream tonight? A loud thud shook her from caaptain musings, and her gaze turned to the front door as three men marched in out of the cold. They wore expensive and tastefully cut clothes, marking them as gentlemen.

Drunken gentlemen, she amended as she got a better look at them. These were jaded high-steppers out for a night of cheap drink and even cheaper debauchery. Well, they’d come to the right place.

Although the men didn’t attract nearly the interest that she had on her own entrance, the tavern quieted upon their arrival. Probably because the largest man was massive — over six feet and obviously well built in his tailored clothing. But that wasn’t what drew her awareness. No, it was the air of menace, seething and palpable, that reverberated in him. Even when he sat down with his long legs stretched out in front of his chair, his guise relaxed, she sensed a latent tension in him.


The others sensed it, too. The parties of seamen, the crimps, the colorful doxies acted like skittish animals when forced to walk past his table. He was the only one of the three men not noticeably inebriated, and strangely enough, when his eyes flicked over the room, a look like disgust lit his face.

Why would he come to a place that offended him? Then, as if her curiosity had drawn his attention, the man turned his intense gaze on her. After a second, his eyes narrowed. She sucked in a breath and knew: He saw through her disguise! Looked past the boys’ clothes and somehow made her feel bare before him. When the look in his eyes changed to show blatant appreciation, all rational thought evaporated like fog baked away under a southern sun.

Her dark imaginings sputtered and lurched to life once more.

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He looked at her as cle she were the only woman in the room, a room thick with willing, half-naked women. What if she were one of them, and he called for her? What would it pleasure like to straddle him, to envelop him in pied skirts as he absently drank, pinching and petting her bare skin beneath? That feeling from her dreams returned — the unnamed response that felt like fear, surprise, and hunger battling inside her belly.

He caused it now. It strengthened as his heated gaze ran over her. Nicole jerked her eyes away, her face heating furiously.

But then the name sank into her muddled mind: Sutherland, the dissolute captain of the Southern Cross, the owner of the now failing Peregrine Shipping line — and her father’s most bitter enemy. The idea that he continually crossed this lethal-looking man was cause to make her alternately cheer his bravery and question his sanity. Bidding his doxy good night, he motioned impatiently for Nicole to follow him. She gave in to the temptation, only to find his eyes on her. Watch was too tame a word for what he did — his gaze roamed over her in a proprietary manner that defied her to walk away from him.

Such an intriguing-looking man, despite his deeply lined countenance. What a waste, she mused acidly as she turned away. Seconds later, long, strong fingers encircled her wrist. She knew it was Sutherland even before she turned and their eyes locked.

His flesh was hot on hers — his hand was callused. From his manner, she got the impression he expected her to do just that. Did he think all he had to do was command her?