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ilícito de estupefacientes y sustancias sicotrópicas y sustituye la ley Nº inciso primero del artículo 1º de la ley Nº , a las siguientes. Art. 1°. LEY Art. 1°. D.O. NOTA. Ley Art. PRIMERO Nº 1. D.O. – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile. La Ley para personas con impedimentos: sus responsabilidades como L St., NW, Washington , U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,

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These campaigns can include domestic violence, forced marriage, child marriage, the worst forms of child labour, child soldiers, and risky migration practices. Unclear how regularly the website is promoted. BBB Government response rating. Directors can be charged and prosecuted for slavery in first tier supply chains where it can be shown that due diligence has not occurred.

These initiatives can be broader initiatives that cover sustainability, health and safety, etc. These policies can include inserting clauses in public contracts prohibiting the use of forced labour, directing that purchasing decisions not be made on price alone, outlining steps to be taken should a contractor be found to use forced labour, or requiring government contractors over a certain value let maintain compliance plans.

General guidelines should exist at the national level for all responders, NOT police have their own guidelines. Informal sector includes workers in unregulated industries such as sex work, brick kilns, lsy, fishing, and domestic work AND these inspections have occurred since 30 June Evaluation internal or external is defined as an assessment of the current services against the service objectives and incorporating client feedback.

Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no evidence of mandatory lej requirements. E the sentence imposed by the court. Forced labour is criminalised as a distinct crime.

These visas include longer term visas AND reflection periods awarded on the basis of personal situation OR participation in a court case.

Government Response

Researcher Notes Indicator met- detailed guidelines available, updated June and distributed to all first responders.

If there are multiple hotlines covering different populations, please rate as indicator met. This body coordinates the whole of the government response to modern slavery.


The offence of forced labour must include 1 work performed under the menace of any penalty AND 2 work for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily. An agreement on conduct joint training focusing on human trafficking and child labour with the aim of harmonising prodecures, assistance lsy victims and cooperation in investigating the crimes between Chile and Bolivia exists.

Government funds or has been actively involved in research on any type of modern slavery, including responses to modern slavery, and the attitudes, social systems and institutions that place people at risk of modern slavery AND this has occurred at least once since 30 June If no to 2.

Slavery may be listed as a standalone crime in the penal or criminal code or in trafficking-specific legislation or in another act. NOT a description leey the program or services provided. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no evidence of state imposed forced labour found.

Reporting mechanism exists whereby modern slavery crimes can be reported either in isolation or as part of a larger phone service. No out of school rates data available. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- unclear if labour agreements include protections for migrant workers. Slavery is criminalised as a distinct crime.

Country Data | Global Slavery Index

If free legal services exist in practice, but there is no evidence of their existence in legislation, please rate as indicator met. NOT services are not available for a particular group, but no cases within that group were identified. D a description of the offenses of which the offender was convicted; and.

Can include instances where victims are detained for a breach of visa conditions OR instances where foreign victims are deported to countries of origin without access to assistance.

If the jurisdiction does not have a generic definition of an employee or a labour code, the information can come 2050 NGOs, related legislation, or reports. Ratification, succession dor accession a of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography Government provides training for its embassy or consular staff before departure for a posting or during a posting AND this has occurred once since 1 February Section is comprised of section 8 of Pub.


Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no information 2007. Researcher Notes Indicator not met – the previous law that made it difficult for a worker to leave an abusive employer has now been amended. Government funding is defined as monetary or in-kind support. Direct victim assistance services means those services provided to workers who have regular contact with victims post-identification.

If evidence that victims adults and children are detained against their will or are unable to leave unaccompanied adults or with a chaperone childrenthis meets the criteria of the indicator. Insufficient punishments would include fines for modern slavery related crimes.

MUST refer to more than one report of complicity within the reporting period AND no steps have been taken to investigate these reports. If some hotlines are not available in multiple languages, please rate as indicator not met. Any awareness campaign implemented by the government that provides detailed information on how to avoid the risks of modern slavery AND has run at least once since 30 June Forced marriage is criminalised as a distinct crime, in the penal or criminal code, trafficking-specific legislation, or other act NOT the legal age of marriage is set at Researcher Notes Indicator met- the government partially fund shelter programs even if it is reported as being limited for men and still not adequate to provide full care.

Ratification or succession denoted by a d in brackets or accession denoted by an a in brackets of the Slavery Convention. Training can be provided by INGOs with government support support defined as permission, development of the training, or monetary or in-kind support.