Käyttäjän ohjekirja Lucrezia Idro – 04/04/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA . User Manual Lucrezia Idro – hot! 11/26/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA IDRO. Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. Improved automatic cleaning system of the fuel system. Heat exchanger with manual cleaning.

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If it is damaged or lost,request another lurcezia from the area technician. This product must be intended for the use it has been specifically made for. Installation must be performed by qualified staff, which assumes complete responsibility for the definitive installation and consequent good functioning of the product installed.

It is necessary to bear in mind all laws and national, regional, provincial and town council Standards present in the country the appliance has been installed. After removing the packaging, ensure that the content is intact and complete. Otherwise, contact the dealer where the appliance was purchased from. All electric components that make up the product must be replaced with original spare parts exclusively by an authorised aftersales centre, thus guaranteeing correct functioning.

The airing vents are indispensable for correct combustion.


In particularly lucreza conditions strong wind, freezing safety systems may intervene that switch the stove off. If this occurs, contact the technical after-sales service and always lucreziaa the safety system.

These features highlight their valuable nature. Due to their different dilation coefficient, enamel and majolica produce crackling, which demonstrate their effective authenticity. To clean the majolicas, it is recommended to use a soft, dry cloth. If a detergent or liquid is used, the latter could icro the crackles, thereby making them show more. As previously described, when installing, all national, regional, provincial and town council Standards in force provided by the country in which the appliance has been installed must be complied with.

Intervenes directly by sending the product into alarm conditions until complete cooling, in the case of: In the event of inadequate flow, it takes the machine to alarm conditions Acoustic alarm activation thermostat F2.

Regulation automatic circuit breaker switch managed by board program Minimum and maximum pressure switch: Intervenes in the event of inadequate water pressure. Water overheating automatic circuit breaker switch block thermostat Mechanical air pressure switch: Installation and safety devices The installation, relative system connections, commissioning and inspection of correct functioning must be carried out perfectly, in full compliance with Standards in force, national, regional and municipal, as well as these instructions.

For Italy, installation must be carried out by professionally authorised staff Ministerial Decree dated Safety devices for closed vessel system According to the UNI Standard in force in Italy, the closed systems must have: Distances of safety devices according to the Standard The temperature safety sensors must be in place on the machine at a distance no greater than 30 cm from the flow connection.

Whenever the generators lack a device, those missing can be installed on the generator flow pipe, within a distance no greater than 1m from the machine. The cooling circuit must be activated by a heat safety valve such to guarantee that the ljcrezia temperature set by the Standard is not exceeded.

Connection between the power supply unit and the valve must be luccrezia from interceptions. The pressure upstream from the cooling circuit must be at least 1. Type of system There are two different types of system: The product has been designed and realised to work with closed vessel systems.

Generally, the closed vessel system has one of the following expansion vessels: Generality The closed systems must have: Q is the useful outlet power to the generator water expressed in kilowatt.

The diameter of the minimum net transversal section of the valve inlet must not be lower than 15 mm. The valve load pressure, equal to the calibration pressure, increased by the overpressure, cannot exceed the maximum exercise pressure of the heat generator.

The designer must check that the maximum pressure existing in every point of the system, does not exceed the maximum exercise pressure of its every component. The safety valve must be connected to the highest part of the heat generator or outlet pipes, immediately near the generator. The length of the pipes route included between the attachment to the generator and the safety valve must not be more than 1 m.


Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW

The connection piping of the safety valve to the heat generator must not be traceable and must not present, in any point, a 7 ENGLISH smaller section than the inlet of the safety valve or the sum of the inlet sections in case of more valves heading a single pipe.

The discharge piping of the safety valve must be realised in order not to prevent the regular functioning of the valves and not to cause damages to persons; the discharge must flow immediately near the safety valve and be accessible and visible. The diameter of the discharge piping must not however be lower than that of the outlet connection of the safety valve. For diameter of outlet connection it is intended the minimum internal diameter on the valve outlet upstream of the eventual internal threading.

Closed expansion vessel Warnings: The vessel maximum exercise pressure must not be lower than the calibration pressure of the safety valve, increased by overpressures, characteristic of the same valve, bearing in mind the eventual level difference between vessel and valve and the pressure generated by the functioning of the pump.

The closed expansion vessels must comply with the dispositions regarding the planning, manufacturing, evaluation of conformity and use for pressure appliances.

The insertion of a threeway intercepting valve which allows iddro between the vessel and the atmosphere for maintenance operations, is allowed. Such device must be protected against accidental manoeuvres. The connection pipe must be realised in order not to present scales lucrezoa deposits storage points.

In case of more heat generators which feed the same system or the same secondary circuit, each heat generator must be connected directly to the expansion vessel or system expansion vessels unit, altogether dimensioned for the idr volume of water contained in the same system or the same independent circuit. Where it is necessary to separate the individual heat generator from the expansion vessel or idr vessels unit, a three-way tap must be applied on the connection piping between the generator and the vessel, in order to ensure, in every position, the connection of the generator with the expansion vessel or with the atmosphere.

The expansion vessels, the connecting pipes, the bleed pipes and drain pipes must be protected from freezing, where this phenomenon occurs. The ulcrezia used for this purpose is described in the design.

Commissioning checks Before connecting the boiler: This is to prevent unexpected power increases. Only after this control can the flue fitting be mounted between the boiler and the flue.

A check of the connections lucreziz pre-existing flues is recommended. Automatic thermostatic mixer valve mandatory The automatic thermostatic mixing valve finds applications in solid fuel boilers as it prevents cold water return into the exchanger.

Routes 1 and 3 are always open and, together with the pump installed on the return, they guarantee water circulation inside the biomass boiler exchanger.

An elevated return temperature, allows efficiency improvement, reduces formation of combustion product condensation and prolongs the boiler life span. Once the valve calibration temperature is reached, route 2 is opened and the boiler water goes to the system via the flow. Stove positioning For correct product functioning, it is recommended to position it in a way that it is perfectly level, with the aid of a spirit level.

It is recommended to contact the qualified technician if one of the rearms should be triggered, so as to verify the cause. An additional expansion vessel must be installed for a higher content of water. With the door open, burn pot system operation is blocked Electronic pressure switch: The chimneys must be in compliance with: National, regional, idrl and town council regulations It is necessary to bear in mind all laws and national, regional, provincial and town council Standards present in the country the appliance has been installed.

CHIMNEY Vertical pipe with the aim of collecting and expelling the fuel products lhcrezia from idrro one appliance, at a convenient height from the ground.

The installation must be preceded by checking the chimneys, flues or unload terminals positioning of appliances similarly to: Installations allowed Only appliances working in a sealed manner respect to the room or which do not place the room in depression respect to the external environment, can exist or be installed in the room where the heat generator will be installed. Appliances for cooking food and relative hoods without extractor are only allowed in kitchens.


Installations not allowed In the room where the heat generator will be installed the idri must not pre-exist or be installed: Should these appliances be in rooms adjacent, communicating with the installation room, the simultaneous use of the heat generator is forbidden, where a risk exists of one of the two rooms being placed in depression respect to the other.

Connection to the smoke evacuation system UNI Standard Smoke channel or fittings To mount the smoke channels, non-flammable elements will have to be used, ideal for resisting combustion products and their eventual condensing. The use of flexible metal and asbestos cement pipes to connect the appliances to the flue is forbidden, even for preexisting smoke channels.

There must be continuity between the smoke channel and the flue so that the flue does not lean on the generator. The smoke channels must not cross rooms where the installation of the combustion appliances is not allowed. The mounting of the smoke channels must be carried out in order to guarantee smoke seal for the appliance functioning conditions, limit the forming of condensate and avoid it being transported towards the appliance.

The mounting of horizontal routes must oucrezia avoided. For the heat generator appliances equipped with electric fan 12 for expelling combustion products, the instructions below must be followed: In any case, the smoke channels must seal the combustion and condensate products and be insulated if they pass outside the installation room.

The use of counterslope elements is forbidden. The smoke channel must allow the recovery of soot or be brushable. The smoke channel must have constant section. Any section changes are only allowed at the flue coupling. It is forbidden to have other air supply channels and pipes for system engineering, especially if over-sized, transit inside the smoke channels.

The mounting of manual draught adjustment devices on forced draught appliances is forbidden.

Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW

It is recommended that the smoke pipe be equipped with a collection chamber for solid materials and any condensate situated under the smoke channel inlet, so that it can be easily opened and inspected from airtight door. Direct discharge towards closed spaces is forbidden, even with clear sky. The direct discharge of the combustion products must be at roof and the smoke pipe must have the features provided in the “Chimney or individual flue” section. Chimney cap The chimney cap must comply with the following requisites: Such area has different dimensions and configuration depending on the covering inclination angle.

It is therefore necessary to adopt the minimum idrl indicated in the figure layouts below. The air inlets must comply with the following requisites: If the combustion agent air is withdrawn directly from outside through a pipe, a downward bend must be mounted outside irdo a protection against the wind and no grates or similar must be positioned, it is recommended that the air vent always communicates directly with the installation room even if the air is withdrawn from outside through a pipe.

The air flow can also be obtained from an adjacent room, as long as the flow takes place freely through permanent openings communicating with the outside. The adjacent room, with respect to the installation room, must not be put in depression with respect to the external environment by means of reverse draught caused by the presence of another used appliance or intake device in such room.

The permanent openings in the adjacent room must comply with the above-described requisites. The adjacent room cannot be set up as garage, storage for combustion material or activity with danger of fire. Insulation, finishings, covering and safety recommendations The coverings, independently from the materials from which they are made, must constitute a self-supporting construction with respect to the heating block and not be in contact with it.